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  “Video Marketing Strategy “

Video Marketing has become the latest … “Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategy ” that small, local businesses are using to compete with big company’s.  Using Video to present a Product or Service and getting it “RANKED” on Google is resulting in more… Sales and obtaining new customers for small local businesses then other old style marketing methods. And… Is Costing Effective to almost any Budget!

Ok… Now that you have an idea of the potential there is with Video Marketing…  What If We Told You… We could also connect a “Call-Tracking System” to the Video that we Ranked on Google’s 1st Page… and sent you… Phone-Calls from….. Ready to buy people who searched for your Product or Service when they needed them!

Ok, Sound pretty Good so far.. Well we can take it 1-Step further… What if we said, We can also send you Monthly Reports of the activity to PROVE, our System is working for you.

 Imagine It, A Video on Google 1st Page, A Call-Tracking system with Monthly Reports to ensure your R.O.I. (Return-on-Investment.)

  • A List of the Dates & Times Callers Called
  • List of callers Phone Numbers
  • A Downloadable MP3-Audio-File of the Recorded Conversation!

What good is this MP3 of the Conversation…??

 It can help determine “If your Team” is following your Sales Procedures. Basically, It tells if your losing Sales or NOT! ….BOOOM! That’s Major!
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 ( Screen-Shots of actual Clients Videos Ranked on 1st Page of Google)

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