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Hello Local Business owner,

We’re pretty sure you have seen and read tons of Blogs from businesses who provide Online Marketing Services. So, to differentiate our selfs from all the other’s, We are going to provide content that will help your business and save you money. Despite it might keep us from getting paid to provide the service. Why would we do this? Because we believe in the ole adage… Time is Money! So,If you have the “Time” to handle things for your business, then more power to you. We still position our selfs as the place or people who helped you get it done. And we figure, If you don’t have the Time, and have the money or budget to have it done… so you can do more at your business, then… We’ll be there for you! – Sound like a plan?

So, here is what we plan to Post.

How-To or DIY information regarding “Marketing and Promoting” your business. You know, content like…. Why you should have your business listed on all of the important Search-Engines, and Why making sure all of your Search-Engine listings are Up-to-Date. Why having a REAL Website for your business is SOooo Important. (Not those Sites built with or those other who offer.. “You Too Can Have A Website for Only $7.00 a Month!” – Who one who profits from these types of Sites are the owners, Which is Them. Cause you REALLY don’t own those types Sites..!

Here is some more stuff we’ll discuss,

Why having an eMAIL-LIST for EMail-MARKETING is STILL one of the most valuable Assets you can have as a Business Owner! (HINT – You “Own” The LIST of real Customers who Know and Trust YOU!) And, we’ll get into why less than 42% of Business owners have a List at all and why they are letting their competition form relationships and make more sales!

We’ll also get into the Social-Marketing stuff like,

“How” you should be Marketing through “Facebook“, “YouTubeGoogle-My-Business“, “Instagram”, “Twitter” and “SnapChat”! And, how if you’re NOT… Your business is not going to be around much longer! HINT – Customers are Smarter, Keep-Up or Fade-Away!)


If you’re not using the Technology available to Market your Business, Then… You need to start preparing to Retire Early! (HINT – ViDEO MARKETING and SmartPhones!)

Ok, In closing…

So, this is just some of the stuff we’ll be posting about so you can do it yourself or be smart… And have us do what we do For You! Hope this was post was interesting enough for you to “Subscribe” and make our Blog part of your reading and resources. We look forward to your Feedback. Bye for Now!

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